Derailed! Nexeus Fatale Currently Unavailable for Second Life Events!

I hate technical failures. They derail any progress always force me to change my plans. Today, my graphics card has melted under the weight of Second Life and other graphic activities. This failure means that the system I’ve relied on for the past two and a half years cannot run, I cannot DJ. I am going to have to pause all of my Second Life gigs for the time being. Obtaining a new graphics card is not only beyond my reach at the moment but makes little sense.

I wish the solution was the purchase of a new graphics card, but the system that I’ve been running on is an aging AMD system, slowly buckling under the weight of Vista and new technologies. While a short term solution would be that of a new card, I may end up in the same position a few months down the line. The real solution is that I need a new system. Either purchase one or construct one, but it needs to happen. This will take me time; I estimate a month or two.

This pause forces me to fall back on other projects. The Second Life Community Convention is almost two weeks away and I still have many preparations along with the rest of the organization team to accomplish; I have the release of my new brand soon; my mixing podcast need to be revived (I still have access to my mixing hardware); and two budding radio stations that need to exit their beta phases. This is only a small sample of the many things I do.

Do note this is a pause, a vacation if you will and I will return to DJing. I am not leaving Second Life, I have a system that will run SL (and hopefully not melt my graphic card). There are also two more than qualified DJ’s that I will refer to for events to until I can return back to the fold. I can personally vouch for BCreative Wilde and DJ Tarsis as great, professional and well rounded DJ’s. Currently, my timetable for a return is late September or mid-October, but time will only tell.

Maybe this pause is a good thing; I’ve been DJing non-stop in Second Life for the past 4 years, who knows. This detailment is rather annoying!

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7 Responses to Derailed! Nexeus Fatale Currently Unavailable for Second Life Events!

  1. Gigs says:

    "pause all of my Second Life gigs"

    eek! I feel so paused. It's probably a blessing in disguise. I know how busy I am getting ready for SLCC so you must be 10 time more busy.

  2. Vertigo Paris says:

    Oh no! You will be missed in world but I look forward to meeting you in 2 weeks!

    Let me know how I can help! *hugs*

  3. Narcissistic Dagger says:

    You can put together a pretty good system for under $900.

  4. ron says:

    well quit watching all that porn 😛 and it wouldn't cook your card

  5. @Narcissistic yeah it's about getting that $900 to begin with, I'll make it I'm sure, I just need to come up with some of the funds.

    @Ron 😛

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