[Event] 08.03.08 – TheDiva Rockin’s RezDay Party

TheDiva Rockin is the Social Media “Diva” if there was any.  This woman is more connected, more knowledgeable, and a great great friend. The countless amount of jokes that we have together, “drunken” pictures taken on cell phones, oh and me replacing her TomTom (there’s a new GSP system coming soon, it’s called “NexNex”!), TheDiva and I have developed a very close bond in the short time we’ve gotten to know each other.

If you are unaware of who TheDiva Rockin is, you may know her as the creator of The Second Life Fashion Police, or from The Broad Cast, or as one of the popular Second Life fashionistas, or maybe you went to the Second Life Booty.  Either way, she’s popular, and her RezDay is coming up!  This Sunday, at 5pm PST/8pm EST we are going to be celebrating TheDiva Rockin’s RezDay when she entered into our virtual Second Lives two years ago.  This will happen on the Rogue Sim at the Code Red Lounge with me as her DJ!  Oh the fun we’re going to get into!

Update 08.03.08 – 11pm I COMPLETELY forgot the theme!  The theme is “Wear your Worst Fashion” or a Bad Fashion Theme.  Which means mix and match colors that should not go together.  A suit with chaps on?! Go for it!  Your allowed to dress like a mess (that’s the point!)

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2 Responses to [Event] 08.03.08 – TheDiva Rockin’s RezDay Party

  1. TheDiva says:

    Awww… who's my fav. Faux Pas Navagation System!!?? YOU! <3 <3 <3 I am so excited for the party!! Thank you sooo much!!
    And don't forget – it's a bad fashion theme so you better dig up something good to wear!! and by good I mean horrible!!

  2. Colette Benoir says:

    Wooo!!! Diva's Rez day annnd Nexeus as the DJ! This will be a blast …Can't wait!

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