Four Years Today

My First Second Life Poster (some time ago)

My First Second Life Poster (some time ago)

Four years ago, I ventured into a new world. One that had existed for roughly a year and a half. It was a world I’ve heard about some time ago on CNET, but my interests peeked in late August 2004 and I wanted to attempt something new. After signing up and paying my $9.99 premium fee (or was it $14?), Nexeus Fatale was born!

It’s shocking that I’ve been around in Second Life for 4 years; so much has changed namely its growth and platform. At one point I remember the population of the community sitting at roughly several thousand and now it’s tens of millions!(?)

Second Life has been a very important aspect in my life, not only as a DJ but socially, developmentally. I’ve met many people through Second Life. The first person I’ve ever met Madison Gardner, my Second Life mother Baccara Rhodes (whom I owe many phone calls), cuz Stroker Serpentine and the rest of my faux family including BCreative Wilde (my first best friend in SL), Munchflower Zaius, Trinity Serpentine, FlipperPA Pereguine and his wife Jennyfur. The list goes on for miles, other important people I’ve come across (AmySue Shirakawa, wifey Emme Mammonnen, Ribbions, mis hermano’s at Pure West Documentaries) the companies I’ve worked with (Electric Sheep Company, Millions of Us, H&R Block) and the people whom regularly support me either by attending events or being there for me (Tarsis, Sezzy, PheonixFire). Don’t think I’ve forgotten your name because I didn’t list it there’s way too many!

There have been so many things I’ve been a part of that has made the past four years in Second Life worth it, the Second Life Community Convention, The L Word, the Metaverse Meetups. All of these have shaped parts of my virtual life, broadened my horizons and introduced me to so many wonderful people!

This Rez-Day comes with some sadness though, I had several things I wanted to release today, a party I had planned, some major changes but I’ve been derailed with technical issues that has prevented all of that.

If you’re expecting some final “ta-ta”, ride into the sunset speech, I’m sorry to disappoint. I’ve really invested myself in the things that I do within Second Life. As SL grows and becomes more and more decentralized, I’m going to continue to make efforts to aid in both those on the centralized SL system and the non centralized sections (i.e.

Just because there’s little activity does not mean that a lot is not brewing underneath. Year five is shaping up to be quite active for myself, beyond just being a DJ. Maybe Prokofy was right after all, maybe I’m really vying for virtual world domination.

With four years under my belt and my march of year five I really just want to say…


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3 Responses to Four Years Today

  1. Phoenixfire Moonbeam says:

    Aww, thanks for thinking about me on your Rez Day!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Rez Day, Nex! I'm so glad we've become friends. Wishing you many more years full of fabulous SL memories.

  3. A very happy rez day, my friend. When you return from SLCC, we'll through a belated rez day party and celebrate what a terrific four years you've had. Wow. I think that makes you SL OLD. 😛

    Glad to have you in my Slife.


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