Great Strides Charity Auction

Image of one of Reme with Horse Paint on.

Image of Remy, who participated in a painting session around personal creativity

Here’s an event I got asked to do, but I’m unable because of several factors, I still wanted to give Great Strides a shoutout for their upcoming fundraiser.

Great Strides, a non-profit in Second Life aimed at promoting emotional healing and growth in partnership with horses, is holding a auction hosted by Lord and Lady Smadga and Oldrome Yer.  You can bid on a yacht (from Trudeau), a tour of the Elven lands, elegant clothing, horses (from AKK Stables and more), artwork (from Ronnie Rhode, Annah DeCuir, and others), jewelry, buildings (castles, stables and such from Oldrome Yer and others), and much more! All proceeds will benefit Great Strides.  If you can’t make the event, pre-bids are available now.  The event and the current pre-bids can be seen at the Pantheon sim in Second Life.

[Updated 3:59pm: Fixed some typos when I wrote this post, not too long after waking up, thanks Veri for correcting me!]

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