Introducing The Metaverse Wire

In the past I have been critical of the Second Life Media. Although the media sources have improved since my initial comments, I still feel that there is a lack of one, central media source that just did the news. No OP-ED’s, no opinions, no drama coverings, just reporting what is going on, interviews, and announcements. At the moment to achieve this effect a person would have to check several news sites, at least 2 forums, and at least two feed aggregators.

Where is my cleanly organized, searchable, news content? New venues? New content releases? New stuff that big and small companies are doing in Second Life? The answer is that it is not all there yet.

For a very long while I’ve been thinking of creating my own news source to help aid in what I see to be lacking. Today the “Coming Soon” sign for that idea has been posted. Introducing The Metaverse Wire, a new news source that will focus on the news, what’s going on, and what’s happening. My plan is to use the same sources of news that I’ve been using all along, the community. There’s always a notecard, a conference IM, a new group about some new event, venue. There’s also the big news of a major company doing something in Second Life, but all of that seems to fall on deaf ears. In intend, with The Metaverse Wire, to turn the ears in the community.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a system to help do this, and it will serve as the backbone for this information gathering (actually many of the scripts I’ve been writing for projects are the reason I launched The Avaverse, but I digress). If you are interested in learning more, contact me, or send me a message in Second Life, and I will be able to fill you in with the details.

(ps. If you’re wondering when I get sleep? I don’t.)

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