Second Life Venue – The Fabulous 50’s

The Fabulous 50's Venue

Remember a time of roller skates, Drive-In’s, and sock-hops? I don’t at all (I’m too young.) But for those who enjoy 50’s pop, music or style may get a kick out of a new venue titled “The Fabulous 50’s”. They are having their grand opening in Second Life Wednesday, August 6 at 4pm PST with Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli performing live in concert. The venue keeps in to spirit all of the style from the 50’s.

One of the reasons I’m posting this venue is, well my friend HaleyGrace Delight (an owner of the venue), pointed it in my direction, but I’m having a little 50’s flashback myself (hopefully to be described in a later post this week). If you get the chance, check out the venue in Second Life on the Asmodeus Sim.

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