Final SLCC Preparations!

With the SLCC beginning in 3 DAYS, I’m going to be more silent than usual! Tasks for organization are picking up, I’m going through final meetings with the other SLCC Organizers, final e-mails, and final preparations until I touch down in Tampa on Thursday. Preparing for this year’s convention is massive, there’s so much going on it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.

Somewhere in today’s preparation process, things went horribly wrong and this happened!

2008 SLCC Preparation Gone WRONG!

The doctors say it’s not permanent and that I have to stop taking pictures with my tongue sticking out.

See you in Tampa! And a reminder for everyone there is 1 Day Left For Registration and Payments!

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3 Responses to Final SLCC Preparations!

  1. Daphne says:

    Well I definitely will recognize you in a crowd. See you there.

  2. Seikatsu Koba says:

    OMG! you need rest.

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