Lesson Learned from 9/11: Vote!

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It is hard to talk about 9/11 without repeated every other mention of the tragic event. It is even harder as a New York native to discuss it without having fits of rage, anger and disappointment quickly following any recognition of courage and bravery that many undertook on that fateful day 7 years ago. 9/11 effects this generation the same way the Pearl Harbor effected a previous one; it will be remembered and has changed much of American life.

Catero Revolution has asked for my personal thoughts on the day and it would be redundant to repeat the same here. The idea of this post is not to talk about 9/11 as so much as it is to discuss one of the lessons learned from it. I believe that the tragic event of 9/11 could have been prevented. Poor leadership with a zeal for revenge politically and personally helped cause this tragedy. The fact the same madman has been elected twice is beyond my own comprehension, but that’s neither here nor there. His actions have reverberated across the world where many more have died than those in the two buildings that sparked this event. There has been much bloodshed, and due to the previous 7 years there is more to come.

The attack that was 9/11 demonstrates how our actions help effect the future. Maybe the events that occurred would have happened regardless, maybe they could have been prevented with a different leadership. We will never know. I do know that many voices do need to be heard, those whom are angry, those whom want change, those whom feel that their own voices are being ignored.

Without getting politics too fudged into this post, I will say that I am a registered Democrat and going to vote for the Democratic nominee of Barack Obama. My opinion is that everyone should vote for him as well, but that is just one opinion. Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant, the real lesson here is that people should vote. The things we, as citizens of whatever country (although I’m talking to Americans in this post) vote for, stand behind and elect have many ramifications across our own countries but ripples worldwide.

So vote, period. Vote for whatever you believe will prevent another tragedy like 9/11 to happen again, listen to the issues just beyond the rhetoric and become involved. 9/11 has set off a chain of events that will affect the world for many generations to come. At the moment these chain of events are very negative. It shouldn’t have to take another 9/11 for us to realize this lesson.

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  1. Baccara says:

    I so remember that morning. You see I live just a few blocks downhill in NJ from what is a spectacular aerial view of NYC, became a spectacular view of a tragedy and now serves as a Memorial to 9/11 and all that happened there that you can visit while gazing upon the site itself.
    For those of us who lost friends & loved ones life goes on but the sting never goes away. Each year we are reminded of those days; days that seemed to go by frame by frame. There was so much worry. The first days were engulfed with finding people; for me I had to locate my child in the Washington area & my elderly sister out of touch in Manhattan who had stubbornly refused to have a cell phone which would have been by only means of reaching her.
    And then when we located them we were left with the real anguish of picking up the pieces of what we had witnessed. Such hate is always incomprehensible but then why should I be surprised; I am the generation that came from the survivors of the Holocaust. So many in my own & extended family had lived to tell the tale. And although in your heart you know this hate exists, you want to believe that it will never come to our cushioned world; a place where we believed that we were safe from such a massive intrusion.
    In the name of the God (any God) man does the most damage & and harbors the greatest hate in the heart. It is a time for change in the world, not just political change but a change of heart to a world of grace and charm and true good will towards others.
    I realize that this might be a foolish ranting from a silly (getting) older woman. I know however, that through the last years I have met so many of you younger people through the virtual world and that you are good and true. You can make a difference and help the world go forward.
    Nex is right; we can start with this election. You must go out and vote but don't just vote for a singular issue or ideal. READ, READ, READ about these candidates. Try to remember that whomever gets elected may be in a position to appoint several Supreme Court justices in the next several years and this will affect our country for a very long time. Don't take anyone at face value.
    I too will be supporting the Democratic ticket this fall after careful consideration of all the issues and ALL the candidates. Perhaps with responsible & caring leadership we can forge our way to a stronger America.

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