Discussing submission requirements for The Avaverse

Behind the scenes I’ve been working a lot on The Avaverse, an open source multi-platform content distribution project of mine. While the initial feedback has been great, I’ve been working on considerations for content submissions. At the root of this problem is the conversation of license rights and ownership, a conversation that I would like to open to the public. One of the goals of the project is the distribution of content and make all sorts of open content available.  There’s also a need to protect the content creators rights along with protecting the rights of those whom use the content (so there are not any confusions between individuals). I’m anticipating publishing a submission requirement within a week which would more than likely require that submitted content must use some form of Creative Commons License (they also have GNU GPL, and GNU LGPL versions of the CC licence). I don’t want the project to become a sort of advertising scheme or means, which means that the submission requirement would remove advertisement such as land marks, but allow people to place a readme containing their name, contact information and web address.  I wish I could make my submission requirement really simple (much like WordPress’ requirements for plugin’s), but due to the diverse nature of Second Life and all of the possible content that can be submitted I want to make sure I’m as clear as possible and don’t harm anyone in the process.

I would love to hear what other’s think.

As far as content, earlier this week I’ve released a hardwood texture for public consumption, and working on several scripts for public release.

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