Plurk the Vote (Vote for your candidate through plurk)

Plurk the Vote

Plurk the Vote: How everyone has voted on Plurk so far


I’ve previously mentioned how important it is to vote.  I do not engage in political talk on this blog but Plurk is doing something interesting that warranted a blog post (especially with its large population of SL residents).  Plurk using their platform as an encourage voting by giving all of its users to vote through a Plurk users mini-election (why don’t you vote for your candidate in my mini-election!)  The benefit of this is the chance of a prize as the top 3 mini-elections with the most votes gets a change to share $5,000!

While it is not uncommon for popular social media networks to engage in politics, Plurk’s is unique as it encourages people to vote (the United States election is only a month away!), encourages people to join and use Plurk (there’s already a large contingent of Second Lifer’s on Plurk, so you won’t be alone) and uses micro-blogging and social media applications in a very different and unique manner.

So vote in the United States 2008 on November 4th (if you can), vote in my mini-election, and spread the word!

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