Website Design and Update, October 2008 has undergone, yet another, face lift!  I’ve gotten into the habit of changing the design of the WordPress theme every few months to the point where the processes consumes several days of my life.  It can be a very tedious process.  The previous theme was a great CMS designed theme and now being utilized for [nf_d].  The new theme is a variation of the old one and designed to make it easier for me to make cosmetic changes (such as theme colors, graphics, etc)!  I’m already planning a thanksgiving and holiday variations of the theme.  Other changes included rearranging pages and more SEO friendly features (hi Google!)

I would like to thank Mark Jones for his release of the famfamfam Silk Icons (available for use and for free), and for the blue RSS feed icon.  Inspiration for this theme came from Gnarls Barkley and Cee-Lo Green and is dubbed ‘Feng Shui’ (Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere, Track 7).  The theme will be available for public consumption soon.

Any errors, distortions, or problems viewing this website, please tell me!

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