Childish Gambino [New Music]

I’ve been introduced to Derrick Comedy through their video’s on College Humor, I’ve been a fan of their sketches. Last month, the troupe released a trailer to their upcoming film Mystery Team featuring an awesome hip-hop track Get Like Me by Childish GambinoChildish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy) is an underground hip-hop artist who’s a mixture of heavy Southern beats, an East-Coast flow and lyrical comparable to Eminiem and Lil’ Wayne.  Get Like Me is a great introduction to Childish Gambino’s style featuring a bass driven beat, lyrics like “My pants top shelf I call them hygiene” and “I hate bars, I can’t stand da club neither. I’m not dancing, but f***ing having a seizure”, and a great hook. I recommend taking a listen to Childish Gambino, it won’t cost you anything, all of his tracks are available for free.

Track: Get Like Me

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