Yes you can!

Yes we Did!

Tonights election brings forth some powerful personal thoughts usually reserved for my own private journal, however I felt the need to share it with you tonight. Please enjoy!

If you have been told to live down your dream, not reach for the stars, or that you’ll never achieve your wildest aspirations, tonight is an example that you can achieve any dream, aspiration or star. Situations never thought of, forbidden, or even looked down upon can become amazing, breathtaking realities that prove that inspire and make very bold statements!

To those who feel beat their dreams are out of reach, that personal goals are unachievable, that failure is eminent due to the hard times and horrible situations that encompass your life, tonight an example has been set. An example that demonstrates the need to stop making excuses, discontinue the needless bickering, and disallow doubt that will impede progress and focused on your personal statement of “Yes I Can.”

Barack Obama’s historic achievement tonight will be focused as an achievement to be shared by many Black American’s much like myself. However it shared also be shared for the lessons that it has demonstrated. Regardless of the the hardships you possibly face: the lost job, the loss in a family, the breakup, the inability to get the things you need; you can achieve successes where failure seems to loom.  You can bring together people of opposing ideas and change the status quo.

Tonight is a validation of what I’ve believed my entire life. That if you believe in yourself, you can be successful.

What ever issues, problems, and circumstances plauge you right now, take a look at tonight as a sign of hope. A beacon that says “what ever the odds, I’ll come out of this for the better.” This message is one often forgotten, lost in the hardships and struggles of everyday life. It is a message I need to be reminded of every so often and I’m overjoyed that examples such as tonights show that whatever my struggles are (and I have some huge ones) that they will be overcome. Its a message that has been well demonstrated by President Elect Barack Obama.

In closing, remember that yes, you can. Tonight, as a country yes we can and did! It is a historical night for Barack Obama, for those whom voted for the first or millionth time, and for everyone who ever aspires to become their dreams.

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