Merry Christmas and The Holiday Crumpet Story!

Willow Zander and the Holiday Crumpet

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas this year! I hope that you are able to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones and bask in their presence.

Christmas is a very interesting time of the year, this year it involved crumpets. If your wondering why I have a picture of Willow Zander munching on a crumpet, your going to get your answer. This story begins in August, on plurk, where Willow was enjoying a crumpet (we American’s call it an English Muffin.) She made me hungry and jealous by her flaunting. She said she’s not sharing and I think she should have. So I plotted a grand scheme and stole the crumpet because she was being mean! I stole it with one promise and one promise only, that I will return it on Christmas in all its glory.

Since that day, Willow called me a bunch of nasty names such as Crumpet Face, Crumpet Thief, and Taker of the Yummy Nom Noms! Well… maybe the names weren’t all that nasty but she was quite possibly mildly upset with yours truly. At one point there were threats, kicking, screaming and fruit hurled to return her precious food jewelry! (Hey it’s hard to rhyme truly!) Months went on and I teased her about the crumpet, she teased me about throwing things and beating me up. Then as winter rolled around, came for me to deliver my promise of a crumpet, safe and sound. I could have easily found one in Second Life and gifted it to her (which I began to do), BUT it was Christmas, and I realized I could do better! There’s imagination, creativity, one can be created with wondrous tools!

So there I was, early Christmas Eve Morning, calling upon my trusty tools: on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Google Images (for references)! Lets copy and paste this reference, make color swatches, and blur. Make an alpha layer, save the PNG and upload into the world! Stretch textures on this prim, make it smaller, and adjust it for someone’s delight! Three hours flew by and I was done, there it was a freshly “baked” crumpet ready to be nommed!

It was time to deliver, and so I did! I sent the inventory away, teasing Willow while I hid! (I didn’t want her to beat me up!) Her stolen crumpet was returned along with another that had a bow! Pictures were taken and delivered, and the Holiday Crumpet was nommed with great joy!

That’s the end of my holiday story. There’s no point to it, just some holiday fun and food to share with everyone. It doesn’t rhyme properly, something I gave up on! However there’s one message I hope it sends, that is:

It’s the holiday! Have fun on these days!

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  1. Willis says:

    Loves her CRUMPETTT!! <3

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