My Top 5 Comedic Songs

I cannot explain or justify why The Lonely Island’s recent single Jizz In My Pants has become one of my favorite songs. It’s production value is the same of any actual Pop song, and I’m quite sure would make the Top 10 in today’s Pop music radio airplay. However this is not the first comedic song I have fallen in love with, there have been several others that have made it to my permanent playlist. Here are my top 5 comedic songs (some are NSFW). Enjoy them at your own leisure!

  1. The Lonely Island – Jizz In My Pants
  2. Parry Gripp – Spaghetti Cat
  3. Saturday Night Live – Dick in a Box (Censored Version) [Potentially NSFW]
  4. Jon Lajoie – Everday Normal Guy [very NSFW]
  5. “Weird” Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise
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