Review: Maus Haus – “Lark Marvels”

I ears want to classify this music as progressive rock, however my brain wants to compare it to the Techno/Electronica styles of Gudrun Gut, Babyloon Zoo or even a trippier version of Portishead. All of those comparisons fail to explain the unique sound and approach of the San Francisco based group Maus Haus. I came across their single from their latest album “Lark Marvels” when creating a recent podcast episode, and fell in love with the texture, ambiance and style of their single We Used Technology (But Technology Let Us Down). The best way to describe their music is as follows: Imagine the computer that your using right now created its own popup that told you that in order to continue to use it, you must pay it in unicorns, gummy bears, and talk in deep lyrical poetry about the worlds ills and life’s trails as written by Quieten Tarantino. This however is not an insult, I like unicorns, gummy bears, deep lyrical poetry, and Tarantino, thus Maus Haus has created a preposterous happy zone of music I can enjoy.

The difficulty in classifying Maus Haus is what makes them enjoyable. I really enjoy their mixing of sounds, interesting and at times with haunting vocals paired with drum kits, guitar, and synth that can appear out of thin air mashed with horns, a flute and other musical melodies. I do enjoy their discard of meter, instrumental progression, and their quick changes in pace. It works well better than described. For example Rigid Breakfast entices the listener with a pop-guitar, heavy synth sound and light bouncy vocals before immediately transforming to only vocal and light accompaniment. While that sounds unbearable, it is a formula that makes for a very melodious and  good listen. Fans of Portishead, Beck and Trip-Hop/Downtempo genres would gladly enjoy Lark Marvels.

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