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True Widow – Self Titled Album [Review]

The fact that I find True Widow’s music to be calming, even at its heaviest, surprised me when I was introduced to group through their track Corpse Master. True Widow maintains all of the tenants of post-grunge; it is dark, … Continue reading

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[nf_d], the high. closed (temporarily) and moving

My virtual properties, the high. lounge and the [nf_d] store are closing temporarily and are moving to a new location. This move has been in the works for a bit, but felt now was the best time to complete these … Continue reading

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Featured in Time Out New York

I am very excited! I’ve been dancing around all day! I’m featured in this week’s Time Out New York! The article is titled Make Money, and features a host of jobs that you can do as easy side gigs to … Continue reading

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Matt Jones: Folk/Soul in NYC [Music Preview]

I met Matt Jones at an album release party for another artist in December 2008. Matt seemed like a very interesting individual, and soon after meeting him he gave me a copy of his recent album “Butter and Rum“. His … Continue reading

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iTunes releases Songs About Obama

At Noon EST, Barak H. Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America and the first African-American/Black president of the United States. There’s so much that can be said, most of it already shared, but today’s historic … Continue reading

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Jaydiohead:Jay-Z Meets Radiohead [Free Music]

If your a Jay-Z or Radiohead fan you may appreciate Jaydiohead, a mashup of Jay-Z’s powerful vocals and Radiohead’s influential melodies. Produced by Minty Fresh Beats, the 10 track album spans across several several Radiohead albums with vocals predominantly from … Continue reading

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First Track Released on “What Is The Next LVL”

As previously mentioned, What is The Next LVL is my upcoming album of 2009. Today, I’ve released the first track of the album Fanfare (Ode To The Old-School Nexeus). I’ll be releasing more content for the album periodically, along with … Continue reading

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iTunes DRM-free Music Affect On The DJ

Last week, Apple announced it would be removing DRM from music served through the iTunes store. This is great news for DJ who rely on iTunes, although you may be paying more. With the change, iTunes implemented a new pricing … Continue reading

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Cinemax launch party for Forbidden Science in Second Life

Forbidden Science is a new noir science fiction erotica show appearing on Cinemax’s After Dark programming is having a launch party Wednesday January 7th, and Thursday January 8th at 7pm PST. The futuristic plot is set around an elite corporation, … Continue reading

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Don’t Call It A Come back! I’ve Been Here for Years!

I’ve been hinting at a “come back” for a few weeks now. If you remember, in August I was derailed and unable to perform ANY Second Life events due to major technical difficulties… well I got some things fixed. Like … Continue reading

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