Cinemax launch party for Forbidden Science in Second Life

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Forbidden Science is a new noir science fiction erotica show appearing on Cinemax’s After Dark programming is having a launch party Wednesday January 7th, and Thursday January 8th at 7pm PST. The futuristic plot is set around an elite corporation, 4Ever Innovations, where scientists download, sell, and replace memories, and create technology that helps fulfill your wildest fantasies.

I’ll be DJing the Thursday, January 8th party at Cinemax Island in Second Life featuring futuristic, sexy music (much like the show). BCreative Wilde will be DJing Wednesday nights party. Along with the music, party-goers will be able to watch a preview of the show and receive a free virtual show gift.

Check out these additional images from the show, and more on their website

Show Poster

Show Poster

Show Poster

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