Don’t Call It A Come back! I’ve Been Here for Years!

I’ve been hinting at a “come back” for a few weeks now. If you remember, in August I was derailed and unable to perform ANY Second Life events due to major technical difficulties… well I got some things fixed.

Like LL Cool J, don’t call this a come back! I’ve been DJing in Second Life for 4 years and have made a pretty awesome career out of it and I’m no where near being done. I’ve been hinting at a site as part of my ‘viral’ campaign (video 1, video 2) in announcing my return to DJing. However, this is more than just some sort of “return” announcement (it would be a complete waste of good domain names).

“What Is The Next LVL” is the name of my new album. One of my 2009 goals is to create music again. I already have a remix planned. Instead of creating a bunch of songs (and releasing them for free, etc), I’m going to try something different. I’m want to get my listeners, fans, and participants involved in the process. Music, experience, and shows are a shared experience, so for the next year, I’m going to share clips from my gigs, skits, audio work, music, and party specific pictures on this album. I want YOU the listener, the fan, or even people who don’t like me to participate by sending in party pictures, your thoughts, reviews, questions, what ever! Instead of this being just a music album, I want this to be an album, a collection of the year combining voice, video, pictures and music all online.

There will be more details about the project coming soon (including a site update for that webpage).

As for those who’ve missed me as a DJ, you won’t have to wait too long to hear me on the airwaves, if your lucky you may catch me sometime this weekend!

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  1. Lizbeth Saenz says:

    Don't forget to invite your wifey to your next DJ event! 😀

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