Featured in Time Out New York

Time Out New York Article

Featured in Time Out New York as a 'Virtual Reality Mogul'

I am very excited! I’ve been dancing around all day! I’m featured in this week’s Time Out New York! The article is titled Make Money, and features a host of jobs that you can do as easy side gigs to make an extra bit of cash. I’m the Virtual-Reality Mogul! You can also view the article online at timeoutnewyork.com. I also scanned the full page of the article which you can download here (I need something for my virtual scrap book!) Note I’m featured under my real name, Leo Newball, Jr. (completely different subject to address!)

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3 Responses to Featured in Time Out New York

  1. Oh Nex, if they only knew the secrets of the Metaverse!!! Congrats on a very hip spread!


  2. Tarsis says:

    Way to go, Nex!! This is awesome! Congrats.

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