Jaydiohead:Jay-Z Meets Radiohead [Free Music]


If your a Jay-Z or Radiohead fan you may appreciate Jaydiohead, a mashup of Jay-Z’s powerful vocals and Radiohead’s influential melodies. Produced by Minty Fresh Beats, the 10 track album spans across several several Radiohead albums with vocals predominantly from Jay-Z’s American Gangster and The Black Album. Although the album does feature popular songs used in many other mixes (as 99 Problems and Dirt of Your Shoulder) their melodious counterparts (The National Anthem and Paranoid Android) creates the creative sounds of 99 Anthems and Dirt Off Your Android. I feel the selection of could have been deeper featuring other popular anthems like Hard Knock Life, Excuse Me Miss and Big Pimpin’. Although creative, the album has some misses, such as Innocent Swan and Fall In Step although it’s hits such as Wrong Prayer and Dreaming Up make it a very rewarding listen.

Jaydiohead is a free to download on Minty Fresh Beats MySpace Page or from Jaydiohead.com.

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  1. distressedvelvetdams says:

    woohooo…thanks for turning me on to this!!!!

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