Matt Jones: Folk/Soul in NYC [Music Preview]

I met Matt Jones at an album release party for another artist in December 2008. Matt seemed like a very interesting individual, and soon after meeting him he gave me a copy of his recent album “Butter and Rum“. His identity is forged within his sound; he is a Brazilian born, Texas raised singer-songwriter who’s music is combination of Folk and Soul. There’s a twist with his songs, such as Will you run?, which has a great Folk and Americana feel which seems to conjure imagery of vampires. The same happens with Dancing In The Moonlight where an edited version of HBO’s True Blood runs throughout my mind. This brooding, almost gothic, twist in his voice laid over a timeless Folk sound makes Matt’s music a very compelling listen.

Find out more about Matt Jones through his MySpace Page

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  1. Nancy says:

    Matt Jones is great! and yes, his music should definitely be on True Blood!

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