Keiko Takamura – Who Would Listen? [Free Music]

Keiko Takamura (credit:


I met Keiko Takamura while being a part of the Second Life 5th Birthday’s panel of Music in the real world. It was pretty funny, we had that “Your that famous person on…” moment, of course I believe Keiko is a lot more popular than little ol’ me. If you are wondering why Keiko’s name may sound familiar, you may have seen her on True Life, or on MTV News.

Keiko released her single Who Would Listen on her website (where you can also listen to the rest of her music.) It reflects her sound and influences, an acoustic 90’s rock sound layered by her soft voice which makes for a pretty cool melody. After taking a listen, it made me take a listen to the rest of her singles (and begin to wonder if there’s a CD that can be purchased). You can check out Keiko through her website or MySpace.

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