Revisiting The Old School

"Engine, Engine Number 9, on the New York Transit Line, if my Train Goes off of the track, Pick It Up, Pick It Up, Pick It Up!" is one of the most powerful Hip-Hop lyrics ever spoken. To this day, anyone who plays just that segment of Black Sheep’s The Choice Is Yours, would send any crowd into a frenzy! For the past week I’ve been revisiting ‘Old School’ Hip-Hop music, generally anything made before 1995ish. At this time I was in the 8th grade and woke up to the Ed Lover and Dr. Dre (East Coast, Dr. Dre) Show on Hot 97. Hip-hop has evolved (for good and bad) since it has become a popular in the 1980’s, although it was (and still is) misunderstood. I get chills about revisiting the crisp and memorable lyrics of the old school, suddenly I feel as if I’m back in the 90’s: Clinton was President, AOL was the Internet, Yahoo! was amazing, Will Smith was the Fresh Prince and everything was dope. Here’s some of my fav old school tracks for sucka’s.

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3 Responses to Revisiting The Old School

  1. Web-Betty says:

    Great post! These are definitely some old school songs. I can proudly say that many of them are still in my music collection. Before "Baby's Got Back", Sir Mix-A-Lot's "SWASS" was one of my favorite albums.

    I was surprised to see OPP on this list. Maybe it's because I, personally, think it's one of the worst songs ever. 😉

  2. Brilliant List!! I'd add a few myself, but this list could go on fir awhile. Awesome Picks!

  3. @Web-Betty There's something to OPP that has made it a long lasting song. Everyone knows the lyrics it's just a mandatory party song.

    @Doubledown I had to cut down this list. There's so many old school songs I wanted to place onto it, however the list would have gone on for eons!

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