The Matthew Show – Hand of The Almighty [Free Music]

The Matthew Show Feburary Album Cover

The Matthew Show (Matthew Broyles or Matthew Perreault in Second Life) sent me a message over twitter of the re-introduction of his monthly Acoustic Surprise and the January release Hand of the Almighty. Matthew explains the selection of this months song:

This time around, it’s Hand of the Almighty, a song by the little-known John R. Butler, which pulls no punches on Old Testament smiting guidelines. It’s a favorite at Second Life shows, and now it’s out to terrorize the interwebs at large.

Hand of the Almighty is hilarious, although some religious types may not like the description of God “Fucking” people up in the Bible. The song is available for a month and then will be no longer downloadable, get it from The Matthew Show’s Music Page.

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