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MYNORiTY – Real Love [Free Music Friday]

Lets ignore the fact that this is being posted on Saturday! It’s still free music and its someone’s Friday somewhere in the world! This week’s Free Music Friday comes from Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist MYNORiTY with his new track "Real … Continue reading

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Three Recessions and I Still Have Too Many Gadgets

Around New Years, @designpepper suggested several interesting blog titles and topics for anyone to write. It is appropriate that almost three months after the topic and title was suggested I’m finally writing the post. Far too often I believe my … Continue reading

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DJing on Linux with the Internet DJ Console

DJing on Linux is an interesting topic, most audio servers are ran on Linux systems, but DJing tools and applications are far and few in between. One tool I stumbled upon recently was the Internet DJ Console. The IDJC has … Continue reading

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NIN|JA 2009 [Free Music]

Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction and Street Sweeper are preparing for their new tour, NIN|JA 2009, which begins on May 8th, 2009 at West Palm Beach in Florida (at the Cruzan Amphitheatre). In preparing for the new tour, they have … Continue reading

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Girl and a Gun – Send More Cops (Kolt13 Remix) [Free Music Friday]

Persian producer Kolt13 appeared out of no where and with his remixes of “God Knows” by Tigersapien and “Love is a Drug” by The Kickdrums (see this post on While his remixes are amazing, it’s his remix of A … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Dance Party Returns

It is the return of the Thursday Night Dance Party with Nexeus Fatale. Thanks to my friend CodeBastard Redgrave, TNDP begins at the Rouge Lounge Gallery and Botique in Second Life at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern on Thursday March 19th, … Continue reading

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Life at 28: How Much Things Have Changed

Today is my birthday! Bow down to me and give me a ton of money! (How egotistical does that sound?) So I turn the bug Two-Eight today, lots has gone on in the past year (when I got the best … Continue reading

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Filastine – B’talla (feat. Rabah) [Free Music Friday]

I’m a sucker for music that crosses over several genre’s. Even if I don’t understand what’s being said, but the combination is well put together, I’m going to love it. Filastine is yet another example of this mix, his recently … Continue reading

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Why Bob Dylan Gets Me Through the Tough Days

My father, my major influence for becoming a DJ, was a huge fan of Bob Dylan. He passed away four years ago due to colon cancer, and everyday on his birthday (which is today) I end up listening to a … Continue reading

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