Why Bob Dylan Gets Me Through the Tough Days

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

My father, my major influence for becoming a DJ, was a huge fan of Bob Dylan. He passed away four years ago due to colon cancer, and everyday on his birthday (which is today) I end up listening to a collection of Bob Dylan in memory of him. Bob Dylan also gets me through really tough days, which sounds counterintuitive. It’s his ability to connect with raw emotion; each song seems to touch a nerve that sharply sends an acute emotional-shock. I find his sound is familiar, even comforting, the same way an old neighborhood bar feels like after a long day of work. It could be that I grew up listening to Dylan, or the connections to dad, but I believe it’s the blues and country influence that makes his music welcoming.

I really believe it is the connection with New York City that makes Dylan’s music a rock on my roughest days. New York is a very honest city, it does not pull any punches. NYC’s honesty is humbling, gritty, unapologetic, real, and makes a person stronger. Dylan’s music is the same, although it’s not always the happiest, listening to him forces me to take a step back and think about the situation I’m in. It’s why I think my father loved Dylan so much and why I rely on him on my darkest of days.

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