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Gliss Tour Comes to NYC May 4th & 6th!

Gliss is on tour and coming to New York City during the the first week of May! A few weeks ago I reviewed their new album “Devotion Implosion” and was very impressed, now I’m excited to see them live. Their … Continue reading

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Independent Music Awards Presents: Story Songs – May 7th, 2009

On May 7th, The Independent Music Awards will be presenting “Story Songs”, an evening of music featuring Richard Julian (3rd Annual Independent Music Awards: Album of the Year Winner), Kristy Kruger (6th Annual Independent Music Awards: Album Americana Winner) and … Continue reading

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They Live By Night – Endless Summer (I Always Wanted a Pony! Remix) [Free Music Friday]

By the time you read this, I’ll be taking one of the oldest forms of transportation to Baltimore, MD. No, I won’t be arriving by horse, I’ll be traveling by train. If I had a pony, I would be galloping … Continue reading

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Björk – Náttúra (Switch Remix) [Free Music Friday]

I seldom find Björk’s music adaptable for remixing. This generations eccentric artist falls between experimental pop with moaning, grunting and screaming and progressive artistic electronica with moaning and screaming. When I heard this dub/dancehall inspired remix by Switch I was … Continue reading

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Crowd Recession: Reasons Why Crowds Aren’t Returning to Events

DoubleDown Tandino and Morris Vig have both touched on a recent ‘dilemma’ concerning events in Second Life, attendance to events seem to be shrinking during an increase and vibrancy within Second Life. Morris points out highlights of a successful events … Continue reading

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Jizz In My Pants (Mexicans With Guns Remix) [Free Music Friday]

When Jizz in my Pants was released, it became a favorite song of mine and reached the top of my top comedic songs. During a meeting of the DJ minds yesterday, I was introduced to a remix of this song … Continue reading

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Gliss – Devotion Implosion [Album Review]

Gliss is an orgasm that you never had…. it is cheerful, dark and naughty at the same time… "Gliss is happiest blowing your mind" as they did mine… this is me mimicking the one-sheet I received of Gliss. It was … Continue reading

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The Toxic Avenger – Superheros 2007 [Free Music Friday]

I’m a fan of The Toxic Avenger, aptly named about the popular mop carrying superhero. Toxic Avenger, the alias of frenchman Simon DeLacroix, is some of the best electro music, mixing electro, break and tricked out synths, his music is … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties Overcome!

There was an April Fools joke played on me, in the case of major technical difficulties. Since Tuesday, and my e-mail was hosed! Not only was the domain down, but I was unable to reach and gather any e-mail … Continue reading

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