Gliss – Devotion Implosion [Album Review]

Devotion Implosion Album Cover

Gliss is an orgasm that you never had…. it is cheerful, dark and naughty at the same time… "Gliss is happiest blowing your mind" as they did mine… this is me mimicking the one-sheet I received of Gliss.

It was the cheerful, candy-wrapped sound of their single Beauty from their new album Devotion Implosion that drew me towards the LA based group. The hazy, grungy female vocals layered with a bright musical flourishes and a head bopping beat enticed me for more, it was like like Hole meets Bush meets U2. Gliss, comprised of Victoria, Martin and David, is a "hazy experimental, fucked up pop" (their description) rock music that is a practice of extremes. Their follow up song, Anybody Inside is a darker, fuzzed sound with haunting vocals but a quick pace. Beauty provoked the imagery of enjoying time with a lover in a park while Anybody Inside invoked running away from the ghost of said lover in a dark forest.

The album is a combination of upbeat music (Morning Light, 29 Acts of Love and Beauty) and mellower drinking music (Sleep, and Sister Sister) all provoking imagery of love, sex, relationships and the messed up parts in between exemplified in one of my album favorites Lovers In The Bathroom. The sound matches the imagery, it’s either upbeat, or sexy and soothing, but always contains a edge that makes it seem a bit naughty.

Artist Info

Album: Devotion Implosion (iTunes | Amazon)
Release Date: April 7th, 2009
Highlight Tracks: Beauty, Lovers In the Bathroom, Sister Sister, Morning Light
Listen: | MySpace
Upcoming NYC Tour Dates: 05/04/09, Mercury Lounge (Manhattan) | 05/06/09, Union Hall (Brooklyn)

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