They Live By Night – Endless Summer (I Always Wanted a Pony! Remix) [Free Music Friday]

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By the time you read this, I’ll be taking one of the oldest forms of transportation to Baltimore, MD. No, I won’t be arriving by horse, I’ll be traveling by train. If I had a pony, I would be galloping all across America. If I were traveling by night this post would be complete with stories connecting this weeks free song, artist and title. Sadly until They Live By Night change their name to He Wakes Up At Dawn and creates the single “He Travels All Over the Nation”, this post will be void of a connecting story.

Regardless, this electro remix of Endless Summer by I Always Wanted a Pony! has been stuck on my playlist for some time now. It takes a really light summer like song and dirties it up, but makes it completely accessible to club mixes and dance playlists.

Artist Information

Song: They Live By Night – Endless Summer (I Always Wanted A Pony! Remix)
Original Artist: They Live By Night
Remixer: I Always Wanted a Pony!
Get More: They Live By Night (Amazon | Make Up - Destination: Love; Live! At Cold Rice - They Live By Night) | I Always Wanted a Pony!

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