Story Songs: Inside the Musicians Studio

Artists Kristy Kruger, Amy Speace, Richard Julian

Artists Kristy Kruger, Amy Speace, Richard Julian

On May 7th, 2009 the Independent Music Awards presented Story Songs, an evening of story telling intertwined with music. Artists Kristy Kruger, Richard Julian and Amy Speace were asked questions concerning their life’s stories by host Anythony DeCurtis playing the role of James Lipton, but without a stack of blue cards. Story Songs was the intermingling of MTV’s Unplugged, through its intimate setting and Inside the Actors Studio. Each singer-songwriter presented the background to their song including it’s story or creation.

Richard Julian’s initial song, alternatively titled “Still Crazy After All of These Years” (I can’t quite remember the actual songs name) was a humors and delightful story of a Brooklyn Taxi ride to the airport. Of all the artists, his music best represented a novel, each song representing an actual story of his life, whether it be God’s grandson, travel or relationships. The foundation of each song was unique, interesting, almost as if each unique story was a part of the song.

Amy Speace touched me the most with her voice and her approach to the “story” songs. Each song seemed to represent her and an event wrapped in a heart felt southern foundation. Her presentation best embodied the event, making it seem more like a campfire song and tell, rather than an auditorium space with lights, camera, and amplifiers. Lyrics such as “The killer in me loves the killer in you,” demonstrated the emotional and rocky roads of life.

Kristy Kruger was the most unique of the artists on stage, resembling a 1930‘s/1940’s style with overtones of Betty Boop. Tthat description does not represent Kristy’s range. Playing 5 instruments (a piano, a guitar, a standup guitar, a tambourine, and fiddle), Kirsty’s music was reminiscent of old style radio. Kirsty moved the audience from the novels of Richard Julian and the campfire of Amy Speace to a classic more innocent era, even when the lyrics were filled with sadness and sorrow. While her music was darker, her stories were interesting with a touch of humor and distinctness.

Story Songs was an intimate evening paired with three different personalities. It’s was a good introductory event for the Independent Music Awards with talented artists and a wonderful host. To see musicians actively expose themselves on stage rather than just playing music creates a bond with the audience that won’t be long forgotten. Story Songs ties these two elements in a very unique and I hope continued manner in future events.

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  1. Jody Gnant says:

    Nexeus –

    Thanks for coming out and showing your support at the Independent Music Awards Symphony Space Showcase.

    You are a wonderful writer – and NYC is lucky to have you!


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