Launching: Metaverse Wire

About three years ago, I wrote a post that was critical of the Second Life media and news outlets and voiced a frustration about not finding reliable, easily accessible sources of information that focused on actual Second Life news. Almost to two years ago, I began working on a project titled “The Metaverse Wire” which was my frustration turned into action. It’s aim was a website where residents, organizations and individuals could submit relevant news, stories, and happenings into a well organized, quality controlled website. Admittedly, my efforts stalled, for many reasons.

In the last three years, Second Life and the metaverse has changed, “news” websites have closed and I continue to find relevant sources of news and information concerning the entirety of Second Life difficult. There’s a few websites who’ve become better at disseminating news about the metaverse, but I believe more can be done.

Over the past year, I’ve toyed with several possibilities for creating a news sources that covers the ongoing’s of Second Life. I also wanted this news source to able to include the activities, technologies, and resources that are built upon and around the virtual world I know so well. The core of this possibility focused on two important aspects:

  1. News and information has to be driven by “the community”, communities, or guest submissions, and
  2. It had be accessible to all parties and organized in a manner that allows for easy, and simple retrieval.

For many months, I have been creating, testing, building, destroying, and creating again the foundations of such a product and resource. Today, I’m proud and able to release what I’ve imagined as a simple, easy to access and submit resource for news concerning the metaverse community, called Metaverse Wire and can be found at

Metaverse Wire is a submission based website, where residents, groups, and organizations can submit articles of interest concerning activities within and surrounding the Metaverse. Submitted articles will be reviewed and approved to appear on the website. Currently, Metaverse Wire is in beta, but open for public use, which is its first milestone. Soon, other milestones such as in depth tools for automatic story publication, advertising, sponsorships, and Second Life integration will be added to the service.

Feel free to give the website a spin, kick the tires, submit some news and provide any feedback to help make the project better.

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  1. GL says:

    Cool. Good luck.

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