:. WoE .: Rouge Exclusive Release Party

:. WoE .: "Rouge Exclusive" Party!

:. WoE .: has created a a special edition of the Olivia Lingerie set in Red for CodeBastard Redgrave, owner of Rouge, and releasing it as an exclusive set.  To celebrate the release of this outfit, which can only be purchased at Rouge, :. WoE .: designer Dick Wiesel will be hosting an event at Rouge, Wednesday, May 12th at 7pm PDT with myself (Nexeus Fatale) as the DJ. This will be the first time this exclusive lingerie will be available for for sale! Come join at the Rouge Sim, beginning at 7pm!

Event Details:
Time & Date: May 12th, 2010; 7pm – 9pm PDT
Genre: House, Hip-Hop, Funk
Location: Rouge Sim (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rouge/128/128/23)

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