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Featured on BBN3/New York

Earlier this year I was interviewed for the Broadband Network 3 (BBN3) as a part of a story surrounding Second Life and real business. In this interview I talk about the merging of business and Second Life and my success … Continue reading

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Celebrating My 5 Years of Second Life

Friday, August 28th, 2009 will mark my 5th year within Second Life. This week I’ll be celebrating these five years with my two weekly events on Thursday with the Thursday Night Dance Party (TNDP) at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT) at … Continue reading

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Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Chew Fu GhettoHouse fix) [Free Music Friday]

The Black Eyed Peas have made the number 1 charts with their Electro influenced single Boom Boom Pow. There’s a few remixes available on iTunes, but this one by Brooklyn based producter Chew Fu brings the track back to its … Continue reading

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Fagan – Dante [Free Music Friday]

I had to search the depths of my archive for this weeks Free Music Friday. Shipping Secrets, Fagan’s album released in 2007, has this silky smooth song Dante that calms and energizes the soul. Starting with a smooth female vocal, … Continue reading

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5/21/09 – Nexeus Fatale’s Thursday Night Dance Party Presents: Listener, Fan, and “Stalker” Appreciation Party

I really appreciate the listeners, fans (and the “stalkers”) who attend my events every week. You are the reason I perform my weekly shows, the reason I stay up late some nights and keep on playing, the reason I DJ … Continue reading

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Story Songs: Inside the Musicians Studio

On May 7th, 2009 the Independent Music Awards presented Story Songs, an evening of story telling intertwined with music. Artists Kristy Kruger, Richard Julian and Amy Speace were asked questions concerning their life’s stories by host Anythony DeCurtis playing the … Continue reading

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Selling Your DJ Services in Second Life

Selling services as a DJ requires developing a marketing package and portfolio. In real life this includes having access to a demo and maintaining several copies of a business card on your person at all times. In Second Life offering … Continue reading

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Burial – Ghost Hardware [Free Music Friday]

Mix dubsteps texture, a soulful female voice, underlay ambient male voices and beats and give it a name reminiscent of Ghost in a Shell, and you have a perfect track that takes you back to the day The Matrix was … Continue reading

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How to Get a Hired as a DJ in Second Life

Getting hired in Second Life has evolved as the world has grown. When it was a much smaller community, word of mouth was the only way to get hired for an event. As the world has grown and the tools … Continue reading

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New Weekly Event: Club Fusion – Nexeus Friday’s

The end of your week has just gotten better. I’m going to be performing at Club Fusion (read as taking over the club) in Second Life, every Friday Night from 8pm – 10pm PDT (that’s 11pm – 1 am on … Continue reading

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