Finding me is not too hard, I’m on several social networks and other virtual worlds, and you can find me on:, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Outshouts, Second Life, Twitter, SL Profiles.

If you went to send me any information, have a question, comment or just want to say hi use the form below to contact me.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Hello! I am BrendanGunn in Second Life. I am having a problem with getting my dj stream to play in Second life. I am using RhodeIslanding hosting and icecast. when I put in my ip and port nothing happens. Can you use icecast in second life. or do I need to go back to shoutcast. I did have shoutcast at one time with my Rhodelislanding hosting server. I could get both icecast and shoutcast to play in the other virtual world, Utherverse/RedLightCenter. If I know that icecast will work I will stay with my server as is and find out what I am doing wrong. But if icecast will not work in second life I will change my server account. I have done search and search to find out anything about this and can find nothing that is helping me. I am hoping you can help me.

    Brendan Gunn Second Life
    Jerry Real life

  2. mina says:

    bro, why you stopped DJ/stream on second life? we miss your "Thursday Night Dance Party" and will be other shows soon? please reply with yes =)

    Thanks 🙂

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