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Podcamp NY 2.0 Recap


This past weekend, PodCampNYC 2.0 visited Brooklyn to discuss and share all that is social and media.  It was really interesting to meet and discuss the vast sea of social media (which includes Second Life), meet new people, and say hello to friends. While I was there for half of the conference, it was still draining (I’m still trying to recoup sleep) there were some great happenings from this year’s podcamp. What surprised me the most this year was how close knit the social media circle is, it is probably because through social media you engage with others on a daily basis. If you have a Podcast, Vidcast, or heavily involved in Virtual Worlds, your degree of separation from another person seems smaller than the traditional six degrees.  Rather than playing six-degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, your playing six-degrees of separation from yourself or a friend of yours, in my case its six-degrees of separation from Adam Broitman (aside: read his posts "The World Wide Social Network" and "Google: The Web Is Your Facebook" where he delves a bit deeper into the concept of being socially connected through Google and other web API’s.) There was one thought that stuck with me after Podcamp NY, not everyone "gets it", not even those heavily invested in social media. This became very clear when I, along with TheDiva Rockin and Ann Marie Mathis took over the Second Life panel (the speaker did not show.)

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