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The Benefits of Creative Commons Has For Musicians

When Radiohead released their album for free, the question asked was will they make money from the idea. Month’s later they released a physical and it became a best-seller. Nine Inch Nails developed their own music social network providing music … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Worse: Internet Broadcasting Alternatives – Part 2

At the end of this week the new royalty rates for broadcasting music gets implemented by the CRB. While there is an effort to prevent these new, oppressive rates from going into effect (and effectively destroying a lot of Internet based radio). This week I decided to take a look at the alternatives for Internet Radio, especially for those who DJ in Second Life where the market place is not as lucrative for DJ’s. Today, I want to focus on another method that makes it viable to play artists music, and for free, and that is by acquiring direct permission. Continue reading

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