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Improving your show: Check your Microphone

There is one guarantee when DJing, there will be microphone problems. Sometimes the microphone is very low or very loud, or the quality is just dreadful. The quality and settings of your microphone will make or break your show in Second Life (and online). I have attended a lot of shows where the DJ was playing great music but their microphone quality was horrible immediately turning me off. I myself have had microphone problems turning a potentially great show into a horrible experience. Before a gig, perform a simple microphone test, turn on your microphone, talk into it and monitor the levels. This process takes as little as 5 minute or as long as 30. While a microphone test does help you determine if something is wrong, or how ineffective your microphone is there are ways to improve your microphone quality. The factors for better quality are: the quality of your microphone, your hardware and sound settings, and your software sound settings. Continue reading

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